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What is teeth whitening?
Without shaving and coating, teeth whitening involves bleaching teeth by using a chemical to decompose the pigments of teeth to bring out the whiteness of the teeth themselves.
You will achieve natural brightness and whiteness, not artificial whiteness like tiles.


How does teeth whitening work?
The main component of the whitening gel is adjusted urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide which are used in oxydol (disinfectant). These contain an active whitening ingredient that penetrates your enamel to get to discoloured molecules. Oxygen molecules react with the discoloured molecules in your teeth, decompose the pigments and whiten the entire teeth.


Is teeth whitening safe?
The urea peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, which are the main components of the medicine has been approved by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and there are several tens of millions people have experienced in the United States. There is nothing need to worry about the damage to the teeth by whitening.

Why do teeth become yellow?
1  Pigmentation
The colour of teeth can be affected by the accumulation of surface stains acquired from the use of tobacco products and the consumption of certain foods or drinks.
2  Aging
As we age, the enamel becomes thinner when the thickness of the dentin increases. The dentin of teeth has a naturally yellower tone to it than that of the enamel that covers it, so the thinner the enamel becomes the more yellow the teeth will appear.
Yellowing and discoloration of teeth like these cannot be removed by brushing.


What’s the difference between cleaning and whitening?
Teeth cleaning is the cleaning of teeth by a professional.
Stains which are caused by coffee, red wine and tea cannot be removed by brushing. Teeth cleaning is the regular removal of dirt and tartars on the surface of the teeth to avoid periodontal disease.  (regular care is important.)
Teeth whitening is to make the colour of teeth whiter.
It means removing of internal pigments and stains of teeth by chemical.

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