About our Salon

​We are providing Tokyo Style express teeth whitening solutions.

It is Produced by Japanese icon of Cosmetic Dentistry "Dr.Aya Nakata"

and Develped by USA Hollywood "Vivid Smiles Express".

Only 30 minitutes.   After you will see what hapend to your teeth.

It makes your Smiles Brighter and Whiter.

Dr. Aya Nakata (Japanese Dentist/producer)



She has been working as a Dentist(Cosmetic Dentistry) for 18 years in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Specialist of Dental Teeth Whitening.

Also she is well known as Icon of Dentistry and performing on TV program in Japan..

Teeth Whitening FAQ by Dr.Aya Nakata.


Q1 Can any kind of teeth go through the whitening treatment?
A1 Yes, unless there is dental cavity.
      The medicine will be absorbed by all tooth, please get treatment for cavity first.
      Whitening is only effective on actual tooth, and naturally caused yellowing. Whitening treatment will not
      be effective on artificial tooth, fillings and extensions.
      Tooth which its nerves has prior undergone treatment will take longer, but eventually will be properly


Q2 How long will it take until teeth turn white?
A2 It varies, but generally takes 2~5 treatments to have visible difference. Whitening will have greater effect
      as more treatment is done.
      Teeth whitening treatment is unlike colouring your hair based on colour preference and obtain result
      immediately. Teeth whitening process requires multiple treatments over time and result will be visible
      Amount of treatment it takes to complete, duration where result will sustain, tooth sensitivity after
      treatment varies significantly on each individual.


Q3 How white will the result be?
A3 There will be limits on the whiteness level. However the more treatments undergone, the whiter it gets.
      The beauty of your teeth does not only depends on level of whiteness. The transparency, reflection of
      light and various factors counts too! By diligently attending treatments, you will achieve not only whiter
     teeth, but also other beauty factors as well.
Q4 Once treatment is completed, will the teeth remain white permanently?
A4 Yellowing due to daily wear and tear is unavoidable, we recommend that you properly care and maintain
      your teeth even after treatment.
      After multiple treatments, teeth are more resistant against yellowing.
      Please take care and maintain your teeth just like how you would on your hair and skin.


Q5 Will the treatment be painful?
A5 There will be almost no pain.
      It is extremely rare, some people who has very sensitive teeth will feel some pain. However, please don’t
      worry, the pain will only be temporary. If you are concerned about the pain, please consult us as we are
      able to adjust the strength of treatment.
Q6 Is the medicine safe?
A6 The medicine is absolutely safe. It is recognized in the field of dentistry around the world.
      It is made with similar components from mouth disinfectant, therefore it is completely harmless to our
      teeth and body. These components are standard in any teeth whitening products.
Q7 How does it whiten our teeth?
A7 The medicine will decompose the dirt and stain absorbed by the teeth where they usually cannot be
       removed by regular brushing.
      As we age, our teeth become transparent and will reveal the inner part of the teeth which will appear
      yellowish. Our treatment will improve the appearance of the outer teeth to prevent the yellowness to be


Q8 Is there anything I need to look out for?
A8 We will give out a guide on food restrictions after the treatment.

Tokyo Smiles Express
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